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Welcome to Online Premium Tipsters. Here at OLPT we have everything you need to make your sporting experience more enjoyable and accessible. We host The premium League® a competition for professional tipsters held over the course of a whole year. Premium Tipsters are often given a bad reputation, however, through our league table we are bringing a level of transparency to the process as a completely independent third party who track all the results and update the league table accordingly. There is nowhere to hide for the tipsters and you can be sure that whoever is at the top of the table after 12 months of competition will have earned the right to be called The Premium League Champion!

We know that many of our members like to pick their own bets, and if this is you then we have you covered. OLPT Pointers are betting related statistics such as draw analysis for horse racing, goals scored and conceded, corners and cards in football, head to head records and much more. Our Pointers will make sure you are placing smart bets that can be backed up by statistics, rather than throwing a dart at a board and hoping it goes in.

If you thought OLPT are only about the gambling aspect of sports then you were very much mistaken, OLPT Media will bring you top quality videos and content from the sporting world. With stable tours, trainer and jockey interviews, racecourse and syndicate promotional videos, we have something for everyone. So even if betting is not your thing, we are confident you will find something of interest on our site. Even if you are only here to enter our free competitions where prizes include free memberships to premium tipsters, free tickets to sporting events and sports memorabilia.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the options we have available or reach out to us on social media.

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