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Welcome all to Online Premium Tipsters, the home of The Premium League. The concept is simple, we bring some of the best professional tipsters together in an annual league competition from the 1st January through to the 26th December. We track all results and update the League table accordingly so that our members can see who you should sign up to! It is often said by some that you should never pay for tips, however if a Tipster delivers a professional service with a consistent ROI (return on investment) for their members should they not be allowed to charge for making you money? Banks and stock brokers don’t work for free so why should they?

Our League table means there is nowhere to hide for our Premium Tipsters, all results will be shown to our members and all results will be tracked by points profit/loss and ROI  which is a true representation of profit. All of our Tipsters are aware that punters will be looking to sign up to the best of the best, which makes being at the top of the table all the more important.

We would like to thank all the Tipsters in our League for being willing to go head to head against the best for a whole year, and we wish them all the best of luck. Though with a competition such as this we are sure the cream will rise to the top!


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