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OLPT.co.uk is operated by OLPT SPORTS MEDIA MARKETING GROUP LTD, a registered company in The United Kingdom with the registration number – 12763848 and our registered office is at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.

Terms of use

The terms outlined on this page govern how you use our service. Please read these terms carefully before you use any of our services. If you use any of our services you are agreeing to abide by our terms that are outlined on this page. When you use our service it is your responsibility to make sure you have read and understand these terms and that you acknowledge that when you use any of our services you are doing so at your own risk.

Accessing our website

Use of  our service is allowed on a temporary basis, we reserve the right to remove our service for any reason without prior warning. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel individual memberships at our own discretion without warning.

Location and age restriction

This website is strictly for people aged 18 and older. If you are under 18 years of age you must not use this website.

You must not use our service if it would be illegal to do so in the country where you are situated.

Our Services

Our service is provided with no guarantees, and you acknowledge that using our service or using the service of any third party that we may have a link to on our site or integrate to through our site is done so at your own risk.

Our service will contain links to other websites and services. We do not accept any responsibility for the content on these sites or for the privacy policies, security or practises used or implemented by them. The third parties that we link/integrate to through our service will have their own privacy and data collection guidelines, we accept no responsibility for how they operate in terms of data collection and privacy, should you choose to use any of these third party services you are doing so at your own risk.

We do not charge a membership fee or any fee to sign up to this website. All services provided by Online Premium Tipsters on this website are free to signed up members. We may advertise for companies or individuals that require you to pay a fee to use their products or services, and should you do this you become a customer to them and must abide by their terms and conditions. We do not accept any responsibility for anything that may occur once you become a customer or member to any third party that we may advertise for on our website.

At no point do we act as a bookmaker or accept any bets on our website. We may advertise for bookmakers and have links to open an account or place a bet with a bookmaker. Should you do this the account that you open with any bookmaker is your responsibility to manage, and you must do so under the terms and conditions outlined by that bookmaker. At no point are we a party to any bets on this website, and we do not accept any responsibility for if a bookmaker accepts, voids or refuses any bets, or closes any account.

We accept no responsibility and have no liability for any funds that a bookmaker owes to you. When you place bets with any bookmaker you are accepting that you may lose money and you are solely responsible for all bets placed.

Information on our services

The information found in this section is also relevant to any social media page that is linked to this website.

Information provided by us on this service is not intended to be seen as advice or guidance in relation to bookmakers or gambling.

We will strive to make sure that all information displayed on our website is up to date, however with some information being provided to us by third parties we are unable to verify this information. You accept that you should conduct your own due diligence into the validity of the information displayed on our site.

In particular you should conduct your own research when we display information on things such as odds, prices and promotions from third parties such as bookmakers. You are responsible for checking that all information is up to date and we accept no responsibility for any issues that may encounter due to expired or out dated information.

Acceptable use policy

When using our service you agree to do so in a lawful manor and not to do so in a way that would breach any local, national or international law. You must not introduce anything that is harmful to the technology supporting this website such as viruses, this applies to the website itself and the server hosting the website. You must not attempt to gain illegal access to the website or any server linked to the website through hacking or any such activity. Any such illegal activity will be reported as a criminal act. We accept no responsibility for any damage to a computer or any other electrical device  as a result of such activity on this website.

Trademarks, Copyrights and intellectual property

You accept that you must abide by the appropriate trademark, copyright and intellectual property laws when it comes to how you use information that is protected on this site. Failure to abide by such laws will result in instant membership suspension whilst our legal team pursues legal action against the individual or multiple culprits involved.

You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to be aware of the relevant laws you must abide by, and that you are fully responsible for any breach of such laws.

Variations and changes to these terms

You acknowledge that these terms and conditions are subject to change at any moment, and we reserve all rights to set the terms for how you must use this service.

Privacy Policy

OLPT.co.uk is committed to protecting your privacy. That includes storing your data securely and making sure you are always in control of what data we hold and how we use it. We don’t exploit customer information, we endeavour to use data solely to offer a better customer experience.  Customer details will only be shared with trusted third parties and are used only in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Consumer Rights

None of the above Terms and Conditions affects your statutory consumer rights.


All content included on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, and software, is the property of OLPT.co.uk or its content suppliers and protected by international copyright laws. The compilation of all content on this site is the exclusive property of OLPT.co.uk.

By visiting www.olpt.co.uk, you agree that the laws of the state of England, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these Conditions of Use and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and olpt.co.uk.

Site policies 

Please review our terms and conditions, posted on this site. This policy also governs your visit to www.olpt.co.uk. We reserve the right to make changes to our site, policies, and these Conditions of Use at any time. If any of these conditions shall be deemed invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that condition shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining condition.  


Questions regarding our Terms & Conditions or our Privacy Policy can be sent to


Cookie policy

In accordance to the EU Cookie Directive, we are making clear the use of cookies on our website. Cookies are tiny pieces of information stored on your computer when you visit a website to help that website re-identify you from a previous visit, and connect that with the data you may have already given that particular website.

If you have any questions please contact us.

We collect information about you during the checkout process on our store.

What we collect and store

While you visit our site, we’ll track:

  • Pages you have viewed
  • Location, IP address and browser type

We generally store information about you for as long as we need the information for the purposes for which we collect and use it, and we are not legally required to continue to keep it. For example, we will store order information for 4 years for tax and accounting purposes. This includes your name and email address.

We will also store comments or reviews, if you choose to leave them.

Who on our team has access

Members of our team have access to the information you provide us. For example, Administrators can access:

  • Registration information
  • Customer information like your name, email address

The Premium League

We check all results and keep physical and electronic copies of said results. All of our Tipsters and members can contact us at any time to inquire about results if they believe we have made an error in collecting the results. Whilst these results are comprehensively checked before they are taken as fact this process may still be subject to the odd mistake due to human error. We will check any results that are questioned but we will not be held legally responsible for any actions you take as a result of this information and how it is displayed. If you have any questions about results we advise you to contact us so we can look into the matter further.

All horse racing tips from our tipsters will be subject to BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed). So for example should one of our tipsters give their members a selection at 5/1 and then the selections wins at an SP (Start Price) of 7/1, we will take 7/1 as the winning price. We understand that many bookmakers activate BOG at different times for different races, but these rules are the same for all of our tipsters and we will not be held legally responsible should you feel you have been mislead by this information. All selections from our tipsters on other sports such as Football and Rugby will be fixed price and the price that the selection is given to members at will be the price we take in our results. We advise you to contact us if you have any questions regarding prices whether these are general questions or more specific inquiries about specific results and prices.

All horse racing selections from our tipsters will be checked for any Rule 4s and they will be taken into account when collecting our results. This process is carried out manually and as such may be subject to human from time to time. OLPT Sports Media Marketing Group Ltd will not be held legally responsible should you feel you have been mislead by any of the information regarding results and rule 4s. We advise you to contact us should you have any questions regarding our rule 4 policy or should you wish to challenge a particular result.

For all each way bets on all sports we will take 1/5th of the odds as the each way terms. We understand some bookmakers and particular events may be subject to different each way terms and we will not be held legally responsible should you feel this information is misleading or inaccurate. 

When we calculate results displayed in the league table we will work to 2 decimal places at the most and will take the first 2 numbers displayed after the decimal point in these situations. For example should one of the statistics in The Premium League be “25.765” we will display that as “25.76”. We understand there are different ways and opinions on collecting stats such as this and how they should be displayed though we will not be held legally responsible should you feel the information is inaccurate or misleading.

The whole process of collecting and checking the results and then displaying them in The Premium League is carried out manually and may be subject to human error in rare cases. Whilst OLPT Sports Media Marketing Group Ltd will look into any results that are questioned and amend results if needed, we will not be held legally responsible should you feel the information we have displayed is misleading or inaccurate. We advise you to contact us with any questions or to raise a dispute over any of the results. 

OLPT Sports Media Marketing Group Ltd will have the final say on all matters in regards to the results in The Premium League and will not be held legally responsible for any action you take as a result of information displayed. These rules and practices came into effect from 15th April 2021 and we reserve the right to change or update these conditions as we see fit. 

Football Pointers

We independently collect all of our own football stats that we use for our football Pointers. This process is carried out manually and may be subject to human error from time to time. We advise you to also do your own due diligence and accept no legal responsibility for actions you take on account of information we display in our football pointers.


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